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First Aid Products

The range of first aid supplies and equipment for sale is very wide, and the scope involved is also wide. From daily life to industrial production, first aid products are indispensable. As a manufacturer of related medical consumables, our first aid product range covers almost all the scope of first aid. From tiny adhesive bandages to first aid kits for hundreds of people, medical dressings, hot and cold products, pain relief patches, etc., We are the leader in the field of first aid supplies and equipment. Only innovation can keep up with the times and the pace of customers, and strive to maintain a leading position in this industry.

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First Aid Supplies And Equipment Wholesale

Basic Steps to Take Care of Your Wounds With First Aid Supplies Wholesale

Wash up with soap and water so you don't get bacteria into the cut and cause an infection. If you are on the go, use hand sanitizer.

Put pressure on the cut with a gauze pad or clean cloth. Keep the pressure on for a few minuties.

Rinse the cut or use a saline wound wash. Clean the area around the wound with soap or a wet washcloth. 

Use a pair of tweezers cleaned with alcohol to gently pick out any dirt,gravel, glass, or other material in the cut.

Keeping a wound covered is essential for optimal healing. Try a first aid adhesive Bandages, one of our most comfortable bandages.

FAQs of Planet First Aid Supplies And Equipment Wholesale

What first aid products does Planet provide?

How do I select a suitable first aid product?

Why should I choose Planet first aid products for daily use?

Adhesive bandages, first aid kits, medical tape, advanced wound dressing, pain relief patch.

Focus on the essentials when selecting suitable first aid products.

Planet is carrying on all related first aid products when you needed, you should be able to find the products you need or you could make your own first aid kit just pick the products from Planet product list.

Use Planet First Aid Supplies And Equipment Wholesale on Different Body Parts

First Aid Product for Hand
First Aid Product for Hand
First Aid Product for Arm
First Aid Product for Arm
First Aid Product for Foot
First Aid Product for Foot
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