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Small Adhesive Bandages

Small-sized adhesive bandages can only perform common protective functions due to the limitation of size. The typical shape is dot-shaped adhesive bandages used to cover needles. Using different materials and colors can also achieve small-sized bandages When there is a small wound on the face, more options can be chosen from different materials and colors which helps to better cover the wound without affecting the appearance.

small adhesive bandages
small adhesive bandages

Small Adhesive Bandages Specifications

Item numberItem descriptionDetailed sizeUnit box size (CM)Single box weight (Kg)

222D-SPSPOT  PLASTIC BANDAGE100pcs: 22*22mm6.

Specialties of Small Adhesive Bandages

  • Create protection that is breathable, soft, and will not stick to your skin to make for easy removal.

  • Appropriate for administering treatment of minor wounds.

  • Protect smaller cuts and abrasions.


Different Models of Small Adhesive Bandages

Different Models of Small Adhesive Bandages
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