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Silicone Gel Dressing

Silicone gel dressing has superior absorption ooze performance. This silicone wound dressing for scars can keep the wound moist, promote wound healing, and reduce pain. Also, silicone gel dressing is easy to tear and will not cause secondary damage to the wound. The silicone gel wound dressing is suitable for the adjuvant treatment and prevention of scars.

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Silicone Gel Dressing Specifications

Item numberItem descriptionDetailed sizePackageCBMOuter carton size(cm)

MOQ (Boxes)Unit box size (CM)

Single box weight (Kg)N.W.G.W.

LengthWidthHeightQuantity Inner cartonQuantity outer carton
GBL001Gentle Border lite Square (10pcs)7.5cmx7.5cmcolor box0.060772254138.538.5/72200012.512.550.085.766.36
GBL002Gentle Border lite Square (10pcs)10cmx10cmcolor box0.086756414646/722000151550.1410.0810.68
GBL006Gentle Border lite Square (10pcs)12.5cmx12.5cmcolor box0.08973337541.546.546.5/72200017.517.550.2215.8416.44
GBL007Gentle Border lite Square (10pcs)15cmx15cmcolor box0.077326464141/362000202050.31511.3411.94
GBL010Gentle Border lite Square (10pcs)17.5cmx17.5cmcolor box0.097336464646/36200022.522.550.4315.4816.08
GBL003Gentle Border lite Rectangle(10pcs)10cmx15cmcolor box0.058466464131/362000201550.217.568.16
GBL004Gentle Border lite Rectangle(10pcs)10cmx20cmcolor box0.037076462631/182000251550.285.045.64
GBL005Gentle Border lite Rectangle(10pcs)10cmx25cmcolor box0.044206463131/182000301550.356.36.9
GBL009Gentle Border lite17.1cmx17.9cmcolor box0.097306564646.845.2/36200022.922.150.4315.4816.08
Multisite (10pcs)
GBL008Gentle Border lite16.8cmx17.1cmcolor box0.092732324645.244.6/36200022.121.850.414.415
Sacrum (10pcs)
GBL012Gentle Border lite22cmx22cmcolor box0.032144412828/82000272750.685.446.04
Sacrum (10pcs)
GBL011Gentle Border lite23cmx23.2cmcolor box0.03471884129.229/8200028.22850.7566.6
Heel (10pcs)

Specialties of Silicone Gel Dressing

  • Super absorbent and Water Resistant.

  • Comfortable and gentle.

  • Easy to tear and convenient to use.

  • Can repeatedly stick 10 times, not easy to drop.

  • Good elasticity and self-adhesive.


Different Models of Silicone Gel Dressing

Different Models of Silicone Gel Dressing
Different Models of Silicone Gel Dressing
Different Models of Silicone Gel Dressing
Different Models of Silicone Gel Dressing
Different Models of Silicone Gel Dressing
Different Models of Silicone Gel Dressing
Different Models of Silicone Gel Dressing
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