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10 Small First Aid Kit Supplies

Item no.: FA-101


Specification: 10*2.6*9cm

Packing: 144pcs/outer carton 

Certification: CE/ISO13485/FDA

First aid kit vendors: Planet (Suzhou) Medical Products Co., Ltd.

small first aid kits in bulk
small first aid kits in bulk
small first aid kits in bulk

10 Person Small/Mini First Aid Kit Supplies In Bulk Contents Checklist

DESCRIPTIONFirst aid kit supplies bulk
Alcohol Pad5×5cm4
BZK Pad5×5cm4
PE Bandage-Transparent76×19mm5
Bandage Material Fabric76×19mm5
Knuckle adhesive bandages bulk76×38mm1
Fingertip Bandage50×45mm1
Wholesale medical tape1.25cm×5y1
Finger Splints15.24×1.91cm1
Gauze Pad2"×2"-8ply2
Gauze Pad3"×3"-8ply2
Gauze Roll5cm×4m1
PVC GlovesPVC  L size, power free2
First Aid Guide41.2×10.9cm1
Cotton buds bulk7.6cm10
Front Label13.2×7.1cm1
Back Label13.2×7.1cm1

Planetmedi stands out as your go-to destination for first aid wholesale supplies, offering a range of essential items that cater to both your safety needs and budget considerations. Let's explore the key product benefits including bulk ice packs and small first aid kits in bulk that make Planetmedi the first aid kit manufacturer for those seeking reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Features of 10 Person Small/Mini First Aid Kit Bulk

Compact and Portable Design:

The 10-person small/mini first aid kit bulk is crafted with a compact and portable design, making it easy to carry and store in various settings, from offices to vehicles and outdoor activities.

Comprehensive first aid wholesale supplies:

Despite its small size, this kit is packed with a comprehensive selection of essential first aid supplies to address minor injuries and emergencies for up to 10 individuals.

Durable and Lightweight Construction:

Built with durability in mind, the kit features a lightweight and rugged construction, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of everyday use and travel.

Clear and Organized Compartments:

The interior of the first aid kit is organized with clear compartments, enabling quick and easy access to supplies in times of need. This feature is crucial for efficient first aid response.

Basic Wound Care Supplies:

The kit includes basic wound care supplies such as adhesive bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, and adhesive tape, ensuring that you can promptly attend to cuts, scrapes, and minor injuries.

This 10-person small/mini first aid kit bulk combines practicality and functionality, offering a compact yet comprehensive solution for addressing minor injuries and emergencies in various settings.

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Different Models of 10 Person Small/Mini First Aid Kit Bulk

Different Models of 10 Person Small/Mini First Aid Kit Bulk
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Get In Touch With Planet For First Aid Products

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