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Ensure Perfect Hygiene with China Alcohol Wipes Supplier

When it comes to medical care and personal cleanliness, the use of disinfectants is essential and the first line of defense against the spreading of disease and infections. Planet brings to you its range of alcohol wipes and disinfectant pads that are purpose-built for effective hygiene. These wipes are a must-have accessory for medical facilities and homes for maintaining a sterile environment.

Make Every Surface Pristine with Alcohol Wipes

Make Every Surface Pristine with Alcohol Wipes

Our alcohol wipes are capable of eliminating 99.9% of germs on the surface and consist of a powerful 70% isopropyl alcohol solution that makes them incredibly effective for hygiene activities like

  • Surface disinfection: Whether it is a wood, marble or glass surface, our alcohol wipes is suited to make every surface germ-free and spotless for a neat look that leaves a positive impact on people which is critical for reputation of any medical facility.

  • Skin Preparation: These wipes are ideal for cleansing and disinfecting skin before injections by eliminating risk of infection.

  • Hand Sanitization: For situations when water and soap is unavailable these wipes are your ultimate safeguard against germs. Purify your hands with jus a quick and hassle-free wipe.


Enhance Medical Hygiene with Antiseptic Pads

Medical procedures require an extra level of Cleanliness to prevent the spread of inspections and diseases, and our antiseptic pads aim to provide effective disinfection to small areas of skin for a variety of medical procedures like

  • Wound cleaning: These pads purify the surrounding skin near the cuts, scapes and skin burns to prevent spread of infection.

  • Pre-Injection Skin Sanitation: our antiseptic pads are perfect for sterilizing skin before applying injection.

Medical Grade Quality for Effective Disinfection

Medical Grade Quality for Effective Disinfection

As a China Alcohol Wipes manufacturer, we know that there can be no compromise in quality in matters of skin disinfection; hence, our wipes and pads are produced under strict quality control standards that match medical regulations to ensure complete safety. Our wipes are mild and suitable for every skin type but deliver complete protection by destroying all kinds of harmful bacteria and germs.

Order Now to Make Cleanliness a part of Life

We know that alcohol wipe and antiseptic pads are daily-use products in households and hospitals, and as a china Alcohol Wipes supplier, we strive to make supply seamless and cost-effective with our wholesale pricing. So, feel free to browse our full range of alcohol wipes, antiseptic pads, and alcohol cleansing pads to find the perfect products for your disinfection needs.

Medical Grade Quality for Effective Disinfection
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