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Surgical Dressing

Surgical dressings are including contact dressings, active dressings, passive dressings, interactive dressings, and bacteriostatic dressings, all of which are used for wound care, but their functions are different, and their use, effects, and healing effects are different.

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Surgical Dressing Specifications

Item numberItem descriptionDetailed sizePackageCBMOuter carton size(cm)PackingMOQ (Boxes)Unit box size (CM)Single box weight (Kg)N.W.
LengthWidthHeightQuantity Inner cartonQuantity outer cartonLengthWidthHeight
AP-101NON WOVEN SPONGES25PCS: 5X5CMcolor box0.1225123862521296300091012.50.07947.628.62
AP-102NON WOVEN SPONGES25PCS: 7.5X7.5CMcolor box0.112424465247129630001112.57.50.07537.238.23
AP-103NON WOVEN SPONGES25PCS: 10X10CMcolor box0.285824586477129630001415.512.50.16315.6516.65
AP-301Surgical PAD25PCS : 12.7cm*22.8cmcolor box0.51084669086129630001622140.2524.0025.00
AP-201NON STICK PAD25PCS: 5x7.5CMcolor box0.06323238523212963000912.550.06586.327.32
AP-202NON STICK PAD25PCS: 7.5X10CMcolor box0.094208466432129630001115.550.08047.728.72
DP-101ADHESIVE WOUND DRESSING25PCS: 7.5X7.5CMcolor box0.076544465232129630001112.550.076.727.72
DP-102ADHESIVE WOUND DRESSING25PCS: 10X10CMcolor box0.118784586432129630001415.550.11711.2312.23
DP-103ADHESIVE WOUND DRESSING25PCS: 10X15CMcolor box0.16506886283.232129630001520.350.20319.4920.49
DP-301EYE CARE DRESSING25PCS : 4.1x6.6CMcolor box0.10961634526212963000812.5100.06586.327.32
SAD-010Super absorbent dressing3pcs: 10x10cmcolor box0.10312312531.567.548.536144500014.516.02.50.0486.887.88

Specialties of Surgical Dressing

  • Control the moisture around the wound.

  • Eliminate excess exudates.

  • Protect wounds from infections.

  • Decrease surface necrosis of wound.

  • It is easily changed and removed.

  • Sterile with individual packs.


Different Models of Surgical Dressing

Different Models of Surgical Dressing
Different Models of Surgical Dressing
Different Models of Surgical Dressing
Different Models of Surgical Dressing
Different Models of Surgical Dressing
Different Models of Surgical Dressing
Different Models of Surgical Dressing
Different Models of Surgical Dressing
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