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Skin Tear Dressing

A skin tear is an injury to the epidermis or soft tissue caused by impact or collision with a blunt object. The edges of the wounds are irregular. More in the body and hard objects in the collision in the eyebrow arch, mandibular, scalp, face, and other easy to see. We suggest using our hot sell wound closure to deal with skin tear wounds. Non-invasive suture on the skin surface, so that the wound heals beautifully and has no trace.

butterfly bandages
butterfly bandages
butterfly closure strips

Skin Tear Dressing Specifications

Item numberItem descriptionDetailed sizePackageCBMOuter carton size(cm)PackingMOQ (Boxes)Unit box size (CM)Single box weight (Kg)N.W.G.W.

LengthWidthHeightQuantity Inner cartonQuantity outer carton
AP-241WOUND CLOSURE10PCS: 0.64X10CMcolor box0.0647927.562383614450008.51530.02253.244.24
AP-240WATERPROOF CLOSURES30PCS: 0.9CMX4.5CMcolor box0.0168504174223.63614450005101.80.0182.593.59
WCD-01WOUND CLOSURE DEVICE2PK: 60mmx15mmcolor box0.04965187532.531.548.53614450001572.50.01423

Specialties of Skin Tear Dressing

  • Let the wound heal beautifully.

  • Convenient emergency wound care.

  • Easy to use in daily life.

  • It is completely safe for both adults and kids.

  • No stimulation to the skin.

  • Adjustable and durable.


Different Models of Skin Tear Dressing

Different Models of Skin Tear Dressing
Different Models of Skin Tear Dressing
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