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Foam Dressing

Our bordered or non bordered foam dressing is used for wound exudate absorption to provide a wet wound healing environment. The foam dressing with adhesive silicone border is suitable for more exudate wounds, such as lower extremity ulcers, pressure ulcers, first-degree burns, superficial second-degree burns, donor site wounds, postoperative wounds, and uninfected diabetic foot ulcers. In addition, foam silicone dressing is also used for air cut care and drainage tube care.

silicone foam wound dressing
silicone foam wound dressing
silicone foam bandage
foam silicone dressing

Types of Foam Silicone Adhesive Dressing No Border/Bordered for Wound Care Specifications

Item numberItem descriptionDetailed sizePackageCBMOuter carton size(cm)PackingMOQ (Boxes)Unit box size (CM)

Single box weight (Kg)N.W.G.W.

LengthWidthHeightQuantity Inner cartonQuantity outer carton
SLF-050Silicone foam dressing3pcs: 5x5cmcolor box0.04099462517.548.348.53614450007.511.22.50.0182.653.65
SLF-075Silicone foam dressing3pcs: 7.5x7.5cmcolor box0.06781512523.559.548.536144500010.5142.50.15522.3223.32
SLF-010Silicone foam dressing3pcs: 10x10cmcolor box0.10495642531.568.748.536144500014.516.
AFS-010Silicone gel wound dressing3pcs: 10x10cmcolor box0.12152887532.577.148.53614450001518.42.50.0618.789.78

Types of Foam Silicone Adhesive Dressing No Border/Bordered for Wound Care Specialties

  • Soft and skin-friendly.

  • Super absorbent.

  • Breathable and waterproof.

  • Each dressing is individually wrapped.

  • This kind of medical wound dressing is also featured by good stickiness.

  • Full range of specifications to choose from.

Silicone Foam Dressing Uses

Foam dressings are a type of wound care dressing designed to manage and promote the healing of various types of wounds. These dressings are made of soft, absorbent materials and are available in different shapes and sizes. Here are some common uses and benefits of foam dressings:

  1. Absorption of Exudate: Foam dressings are highly absorbent and are effective at managing moderate to heavily exuding wounds. They help to absorb excess fluid from the wound site, which is important for maintaining a moist wound environment conducive to healing.

  2. Moist Wound Healing: Foam dressings contribute to the concept of moist wound healing. They create an environment that keeps the wound bed moist, which has been shown to support faster and more effective healing compared to dry wound healing environments.

  3. Protection from Contamination: Foam dressings provide a barrier that protects the wound from external contaminants, such as bacteria and dirt. This can help reduce the risk of infection and promote a cleaner healing environment.

  4. Conformability: The soft and pliable nature of foam dressings allows them to conform easily to the shape of the wound. This helps in maintaining close contact with the wound surface, ensuring efficient absorption and coverage.

  5. Comfort: Foam dressings are often comfortable for patients. They are soft and cushioning, making them suitable for wounds in areas that may experience movement or pressure.

  6. Non-Adherent: Many foam dressings are designed to be non-adherent to the wound bed. This minimizes trauma during dressing changes, reducing pain and the risk of disrupting the healing process.

  7. Promotion of Granulation Tissue: Foam dressings can promote the formation of granulation tissue, which is essential for wound healing. The moist environment they create supports the growth of new, healthy tissue in the wound.


Silicone Foam Adhesive Dressing Models

Silicone Foam Adhesive Dressing Models
Silicone Foam Adhesive Dressing Models
Silicone Foam Adhesive Dressing Models
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