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Adhesive Bandages for First Aid & Wound Care, cover minor wounds to keep out dirt, and germs for durable protection; Comfort for Minor Cuts & Scrapes. It is an indispensable first aid item in daily life and fits a variety of lifestyles. Every single household should have it as a daily necessity. Protect family members from pain in the event of an injury.

What Do Adhesive Bandage Plaster Do?

What Do Adhesive Bandage Plaster Do?

Wound care adhesive bandages are the smallest single product in the medical device, but it is also a vital part. Its existence is essential to the home environment, work environment, and public environment.

Small wounds can also lead to major disasters if they are not treated in time. Adhesive bandage plaster can protect you and prevent small injuries from risk.  They protect wounds from further injuries, friction, bacteria, and dirt. They heal wounds and hold cuts on the skin.

What Do Adhesive Bandage Plaster Do?

How To Use An Adhesive Bandage Plaster?

Step 1

Clean and dry the wound and surrounding area.

Step 2

Dry wound and surrounding area thoroughly.

Step 3

Remove paper from back of the bandage

Step 4

Position pad over wound and press firmly on the adhesive

Step 5

Change bandages as needed.

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