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A wound dressing is a dressing used to cover a sore, wound, or other damage. Different wound dressings are used based on the type of the wound, Meanwhile, Wound dressing is particularly important to help ward off infection which can provide the optimum conditions for wound healing. As one of the wound dressing suppliers, Planet has good quality and competitve price on the dressing. We could offer many kinds of dressings to meet most person's request.

How Do You Dress An Infected Wound?

How Do You Dress An Infected Wound?

Infected wounds require frequent dressing changes, and the type of dressing should be changed depending on the condition of the wound. 

Due to an infected wound usually suppurates and produces excess fluid, we recommend to use absorbent dressings such as alginates, collagens, and hydrocolloids. They are highly absorbent, and could be used on highly exudative wounds. 

In addition, the choice of medical tape is actually an important part of infected wound management. 

Choose a medical tape that holds strong when in use, but releases cleanly and easily when removed.  It is also essential to choose a latex-free medical tape.

How To Choose Medical Wound Dressing?

How To Choose Medical Wound Dressing?

There are many kinds of wounds in our daily life, it is important to choose the suitable medical wound dressing for speeding up the wound healing. Dressing selection should be made on the basis of the degree of exudation, presence  or likelihood  of infection. It depends not only on the type of wound but also on the stage of repair.

How To Choose Medical Wound Dressing?

What Are The 3 Main Type Of Wound Dressing?

Traditional Dressings

Passively cover the wound and absorb exudates, provide limited protection to the wound.

Interactive Dressing

There are many forms of interaction between dressing and wound, such as absorption of exudates and toxic substances, allowing gas exchange, thus creating an ideal environment for healing.

Bioactive Dressing

This type of dressing is also called sealing dressing because it can prevent wound dryness, also has biocompatibility, good water absorption, air permeability, adhesion, antibacterial and hemostatic effects.

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