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Planet (Shanghai) Internaitonal Co., Ltd.

Deal with Injuries Better via a Wound Dressing Pad Supplier

Cover every wound with the safest dressing pads. You will find them available at Planet (Shanghai) International Co., Ltd. We make them sterile to bring the safest results for your wound protection. The wound-healing process will be fast and smooth now. We have lots of types available to treat various wounds and injuries. This is where you will find diabetic wound dressing China easily. Your patients will not struggle with injuries anymore. 

Dressing Pads that Treat All Wounds and Injuries

Dressing Pads that Treat All Wounds and Injuries

If you are looking for dressing pads for specific types of wounds, check our collection. We have custom types and sizes available for you. Our large-size production can take on massive orders. It is because of our expertise in this field. You will also find silicone gel dressing China for specific types of injuries. Planet (Shanghai) International brings varieties to treat problems like, 

• Leg ulcers

• Diabetic wounds

• Surgical wounds

• Bedsores

• Infections

• Exuding wounds

High-Functioning Material for Faster Recovery 

The material we use makes wounds recover on time. Every kind of wound and ulcer will get full support from our dressing pads. They will heal the injury without compromising the comfort. You need such a wound dressing pad manufacturer for that. If you choose us, you will find the below qualities.

• Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory functions

• Breathable, gentle, and skin-friendly material

• Silver ions effects

• A high barrier between wound and contaminants 

• Safe skin tear wound dressing

• High cushioning 

• Stable recovery of tissues

• Super absorbent material

• Waterproof surface for enhanced performance

Get a Wholesale Supply of Wound Dressing Pads

Get a Wholesale Supply of Wound Dressing Pads

We have discounted rates for all the customers in the world. We have a large-scale supply for bulk distribution. You should choose Planet (Shanghai) International for China antimicrobial dressing. Then you will avail of an economical price range here. This will be a feasible deal for hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics. All can purchase from us at a cut price.

Certified Quality and Supply for Global Customers

When it comes to safe and sterile production, Planet (Shanghai) International stays active. We have certifications like SEDEX, ISO 13485, FDA, GMP, etc. They make us a reliable antimicrobial wound dressing manufacturer in the industry. Our supply capacity is wide enough to cover the entire world. We reach the US, the UK, Europe, Asia, etc. 

Get a Wholesale Supply of Wound Dressing Pads

What Are The 3 Main Type Of Wound Dressing?

Traditional Dressings

Passively cover the wound and absorb exudates, provide limited protection to the wound.

Interactive Dressing

There are many forms of interaction between dressing and wound, such as absorption of exudates and toxic substances, allowing gas exchange, thus creating an ideal environment for healing.

Bioactive Dressing

This type of dressing is also called sealing dressing because it can prevent wound dryness, also has biocompatibility, good water absorption, air permeability, adhesion, antibacterial and hemostatic effects.

Get In Touch With Planet For First Aid Products
Get In Touch With Planet For First Aid Products

Leave a message if you have any questions about Planet first aid wholesale supplies. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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