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Elastic Sports Tape

  • Kinesiology tape in roll

  • CE/ISO/FDA Certificate

  • Relief Sport Pain

  • Acrylic Glue

gauze and medical tape
gauze and medical tape
foam tape medical
fibreglass cast tape
fabric medical tape
elastic cohesive bandage

Specifications of Elastic Sports Tape

Item numberItem descriptionDetailed sizePackageUnit box size (CM)Single box weight (Kg)
SP-2012SPORTS TAPE1pc: 5CMX5M, COTTONcolor box7.
SP-2013SPORTS TAPE1PC: 5CMX30M, COTTONcolor box16.55.517.50.486
SP-2012-6SPORTS TAPE6PCS: 5CMX5M, COTTONcolor box16.5159.80.486
SP-2014SPORTS TAPE2pcs: 7.5cmx5m, COTTON
2pcs: 5cmx5m, COTTON
2pcs: 2.5cmx5m, COTTON
color box146.815.50.486
SP-2015SPORTS TAPE1Roll: 20pcs: 5cmx25cmcolor box7.
SP-2017SPORTS TAPE1Roll: 20pcs: 5cmx25cmcolor box7.
SP-2018SPORTS TAPE1roll: 10CMX2.5mcolor box7.57130.11

Specialties of Elastic Sports Tape

  • Especially suitable for sports

  • Compression and support for ligaments, tendons, and muscles

  • Fully flexible and moves with you

  • 18 Colours Customized


Different Models of Elastic Sports Tape

Different Models of Elastic Sports Tape
Different Models of Elastic Sports Tape
Different Models of Elastic Sports Tape
Different Models of Elastic Sports Tape
Different Models of Elastic Sports Tape
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