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Arm Cast Cover

Your waterproof cast cover arm sleeves easily stretch over the cast and fit securely with or without any assistance. No need for strong collar seals or additional zippers for showers to be waterproof.

arm cast cover
arm cast cover
arm plaster cast protector

Arm Cast Cover Specifications

Item numberItem descriptionDetailed sizeUnit box size (CM)Single box weight (Kg)

CP-202ADULT ARMM: 580*300mm 4ucmm, open size: 60MM10.5132.50.045

CP-212CAST PROTECTOR FULL ARML: 830*300mm 4ucmm, open size: 60MM10.5132.50.095

Specialties of Arm Cast Cover

  • No need for tape or straps.

  • Easy Application.

  • Fully waterproof.


Different Models of Arm Cast Cover

Different Models of Arm Cast Cover
Different Models of Arm Cast Cover
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