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Use of Medical Tape

Medical tape is a very common tool in medical applications, but how to use it, and what are the precautions?

1. How To Use Medical Tapes

  • Medical tape is suitable for fixing needles and infusion catheters, wound dressing, and other medical supplies in clinical infusion in medical institutions.

  • Medical tape is usually applied to dry, clean skin without chemicals or grease. Place the tape flat on the paste place to make it fit the skin properly, and then apply the tape from the center of the tape to both sides with your fingers to ensure that there is no tension between the tape and the skin paste place.

  • The medical tape attached to the skin should be at least 2-3cm wide.

2. The Use Of Medical Tape And Precautions

  • Non-sterile medical tape should be sterilized before use if any.

  • The sterilization method can be ethylene oxide sterilization or cobalt 60 sterilization. Medical tape is suitable for protective use during tripping and exercise, and it is forbidden to stick to the wound.

  • Medical tapes are mostly disposable products, and may not be reused; The inner packaging of the product is damaged, damp, and mildewed, so it cannot be used.

  • Medical tape should be treated according to the requirements of relevant departments after use.

  • Medical tape should be moisture-proof, fire-proof, and pollution-proof during transportation, and should not be exposed to toxic and harmful substances.

  • Medical tape should be stored in a dry and clean room, and keep the room ventilated and breathable.

3. Other Characteristics Of Medical Tape

  • Medical tape is made of non-woven fabric as the base material and coated with medical glue, which is used for general surgical injuries. The material used in this product has been widely used in clinics, and its safety has been proven. No skin irritation and sensitization.

  • The medical tape is a non-woven breathable tape with good viscosity, easy tearing, and low sensitization, which is suitable for surgical trauma and can also be used as a fixed needle for intravenous injection.

  • Medical tape is soft and comfortable, has a great affinity with the skin, strong tension resistance, firm fixation, and difficult displacement, which effectively reduces the occurrence of allergy.

All in all, medical tape brings great convenience to daily medical treatment and is easy to use. Because of the promotion of medical tape, the medical environment has been greatly improved and generally recognized by the people.