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Why Should You Prepare a First Aid Kit Box for Home?

The first aid kit is a small package containing emergency drugs, disinfected gauze, bandages, and other rescue items used in case of accidents. It can be classified into different categories according to different environments and different users. For example, it can be divided into family first aid box, outdoor first aid kit, car first aid kit, gift first aid kit, earthquake first aid kit, etc. In many families in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, a first aid kit is equipped so that they can save their lives in critical situations.

Reasons to prepare a first aid kit at home

In case of sudden illness, if there are emergency supplies around, it can help relieve the patient's condition and win time for medical staff. Therefore, it is useful for families to prepare a first aid kit. Nowadays, many families have seniors and children. If they can keep a first aid kit at home, they can cope immediately when emergencies arise. For example, when we cut our fingers while cooking, or burn ourselves accidentally, if there is a first aid kit at home, we can treat the wound first and then go to the hospital.

Especially for the elderly and children, they are prone to sudden illness without any signs at night. At this time, if immediate treatment is needed, the family will be in a frenzy, but if there is a prepared family first aid box, it can still play a big role, at least helping to relieve and delay time before the rescue personnel arrive.

What else can be placed in a family first aid box besides emergency supplies?

The family first aid box generally contains emergency supplies and medicines, as well as some emergency items, such as flashlights, water, food, and communication devices that can be used for emergencies. These mainly help us survive the most difficult period before rescue arrives in case of natural disasters, increasing our chances of survival. In addition, if there is a patient at home, medical records, medical conditions, etc. can be placed in the family first aid box to provide convenience for medical staff.

Requirements for the configuration of a family first aid box

  • The family first aid box should be easy to carry, have complete rescue equipment, and be light and compact. The items in the box should be fixed and arranged neatly for easy access.

  • The family first aid box should be placed in a convenient location for easy access.

  • The family first aid box cannot be locked. If it is locked, the key should be stored in an easily accessible place.