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How to Use a Cooling Patch?

As we all know, the cooling patch is a very common baby healthcare product. It is easy to use and has a good antipyretic effect, so it is very popular among people. So how to use cooling patches?

1. How many degrees can the cooling patch be used?

It can be used during a 37.5℃-38.5℃ fever.

The cooling patch takes gel as the carrier, takes away a large amount of local heat of the human body through the vaporization of water in gel, and plays a role in cooling. It belongs to commonly used physical cooling products, which can't solve the root cause of all fevers, and is only suitable for fevers of 37.5℃-38.5℃. Once the fever exceeds 38.5℃, it can't rely solely on physical cooling, so it needs drugs to cool down.

2. How long can the cooling patch be posted?

4-8 hours.

In general, the cooling patch can last for 4~8 hours, depending on the instructions of the cooling patch purchased. If the body temperature does not exceed 38.5℃ and the body is still hot, you can always stick to the antipyretic patch. Generally, there are no side effects, so you can take it off when the fever is gone.

3. The use of cooling patches

  • Please clean the sweat and oil stains on the skin surface before use.

  • Tear the transparent plastic film and stick the frozen gel surface on the part to be frozen.

  • according to the area of the used part, cut it into the appropriate size before use.

  • In order to maintain hygiene and the freezing effect, please use each tablet once.

Tear the transparent adhesive film, and apply the adhesive surface to the forehead or temple, or to the Dazhui point in the neck. In order to speed up the cooling, several patches can be applied to the left and right carotid arteries and femoral arteries of the human body at the same time.

In fact, as long as you have a fever, you can stick an antipyretic. This is not an antipyretic, it is equivalent to covering a cold towel. It belongs to physical cooling, which can slightly relieve the discomfort caused by fever, lower your body temperature appropriately, and bring psychological comfort.