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How to Use Adhesive Bandages Correctly

In our daily life, we often hurt our skin carelessly. Usually, it's convenient to simply wrap it with an adhesive bandage! But can you really use an adhesive bandage?

1. Application Of Adhesive Bandages

adhesive bandage is mainly composed of adhesive tape and an absorbent pad, which can absorb the liquid seeping from the wound and dry the wound. Except for some adhesive bandages containing drugs, most of them have no anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects and are only suitable for small, shallow, neat, and clean wounds that do not need to be sutured.

2. The Treatment Method Before Using An Adhesive Bandage

There is a slight skin injury, and many people will stick adhesive bandages directly on the wound, which is wrong! Because the injured part is likely to be contaminated or have foreign bodies, it must be treated as follows before it can be pasted:

  • Wash the wound with normal saline or clear water;

  • Gently remove dirt or foreign bodies from the wound surface;

  • Wipe the wound with a cotton ball dipped in iodophor or 75% alcohol. The wiping range is 3 ~ 5cm from the center of the wound to the outer edge of the wound;

  • After the wound is slightly dry, the adhesive bandage is used to bandage the wound.

Note: Do not apply mercurochrome or purple syrup to the wound; Don't touch the absorbent pad with your fingers after removing the paper on the surface of the adhesive bandage to avoid polluting the absorbent pad.

3. How To Use An Elastic Adhesive Bandage

adhesive bandages can be easily dropped when directly attached to fingers, and the joints can't bend, so you can trim them properly before dressing the wound. And the adhesive bandage should be changed at least every day; It's hot and humid in summer, so don't cover the wound for a long time. Usually, when the wound has a hard scab, the adhesive bandage will be removed. When using the adhesive bandage, if it gets wet or dirty, it should be replaced in time.

4. The Magical Effect Of Adhesive Bandages On Life

Besides being used to prevent wound infection, adhesive bandages can also prevent shoes from rubbing their feet. If high heels and new shoes rub their feet, applying adhesive bandages to the heel, little toes, and other places that are easy to wear also has a good effect.