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Medical Tape in First Aid Kits: How Much Do You Know?

What are the performance requirements for medical adhesive tape?

  • It requires high adhesion: Medical adhesive tape is mainly used for fixing materials during surgery, wound treatment, and infusion needle fixation, which requires it to have high adhesion. It needs to play a role in fixing drugs and wounds during wound bandaging.

  • High toughness: After the wound is wrapped with adhesive tape, it needs to effectively prevent the wound from being pulled and torn to avoid secondary injury.

  • Easy to operate: Whether it is bandaging or fixation when using medical adhesive tape, it is usually in an urgent situation. Therefore, medical adhesive tape requires convenient operation, easy to unseal and tear. Avoid delaying treatment time during the operation process.

  • It needs to be breathable: Custom band-aids often adhere to the surface of the skin and need to be glued for a long time. Therefore, it needs to have a certain degree of breathability to avoid causing skin discomfort.

Characteristics of medical adhesive tape

Medical adhesive tape has good breathability, is non-toxic and non-irritating, and has relatively mild properties with good adhesion. It does not harm the skin, sticks firmly, is not easy to fall off, and has no residual glue when removed, which is a substitute for traditional adhesive tape. Medical adhesive tape should be evenly coated with glue, with no delamination, leakage, or adhesive seepage on the back. When unwinding, there should be no glue layer peeling or layering phenomenon. The peel strength of clear medical adhesive tape should not be less than 1.0N/cm. The holding viscosity should not be greater than 2.5mm. The recovery ratio of the elastic medical adhesive tape and the full extension length should not be greater than 80%. The waterproof medical adhesive tape should have no water seepage during testing according to YY/T0471.3-2004. The comfort medical adhesive tape should have a maximum stretchability of no more than 14N/cm during the YY/T0471.4-2004 test, and the permanent deformation should not be greater than 5N/cm.

How to use medical adhesive tape

Medical adhesive tape is suitable for medical units and enterprises to adopt sterile cotton cloth packaging, cross-type packaging, pressure steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde sterilization, etc. Hospital sterile packaging medical adhesive tape can be used in the central disinfection supply room, operating room, dental, and other departments.


1. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the skin and keep it dry.

2. Paste the tape from the center to the outside without tension. To ensure that the tape is firmly adhered, at least 2.5cm of the skin should be pasted along the edge of the dressing.

3. After the tape is fixed, gently press it to make it firmly stick to the skin.


  • It cannot replace measures such as suturing, hemostasis, skin disinfection, and drying.

  • In case of blood or exudate in the wound, do not directly apply to the wound.

  • When removing medical adhesive tape, be careful not to tear off the catheter or other instruments covered by it.

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