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Types and Usage Methods of Medical Tapes

Introduction to medical tape

Medical tape is a type of tape used by doctors for patients, and comfort is a very important factor for medical tape. The product base material is pure wood pulp natural material, non-toxic and non-irritating, and has good breathable performance. Medical packaging tape is soft, easy to unwind and easy to operate. It is suitable for cross-packaging of sterilized cotton cloth bags used by medical units and enterprises.

Types of medical tape

Medical tape is mainly divided into four categories:

  • Pressure-sensitive medical tape. Also known as medical adhesive tape, it is mainly composed of cotton cloth and adhesive. The proportion of adhesive in this product is relatively strict. It is mainly used for fixation of various materials and requires good adhesive properties. However, because this type of product has good adhesion, using this type of tape to fix skin may easily cause troublesome allergic reactions for people who are sensitive to the tape.

  • Waterproof and anti-allergic medical tape. If you have allergic skin, you need to use anti-allergic tape.

  • Paper anti-allergic medical tape. Developed for allergic people, the adhesion of the two types of anti-allergic tape is relatively low, so they cannot be used for fixation and can only be used as substitutes for pressure-sensitive medical tape.

  • Transparent and breathable medical tape. This type of tape has a wide range of applications and uses, because it has good stickiness, and the tape itself is transparent, with many small breathable holes.

Therefore, it is very suitable for large-area skin adhesion and fixation. Because the product is relatively good, coupled with strong air permeability and sticking ability, it is also used by some people as a raw material for sticking double eyelid tape.

Usage of medical tape

  • Medical tape is suitable for clinical infusion needle fixation and infusion catheter fixation, wound dressing fixation and other medical appliance fixation.

  • Medical tape is usually applied to dry, clean, chemical-free or grease-free skin. Place the tape flat on the adhesive, make it fit the skin, and then use your fingers to press the tape from the center to both sides, ensuring that there is no tension between the tape and the skin.