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The Role and Precautions for Using a Medical First Aid Kit

What is the function of medical first aid kit?

In daily life, we often encounter sudden illnesses, leaving us at a loss. Some patients die due to the delay in first aid. If we have some knowledge of first aid and use the emergency medicine in the medical first aid kit in a timely manner to take first aid measures, it can reduce the severity of the illness and even win valuable time for medical staff to save lives.

For families with elderly people and children, elderly people are prone to sudden illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, and coronary heart disease, while children are prone to colds, allergies, and other diseases. These diseases are likely to affect their life safety. At this time, the function of the medical first aid kit is reflected. It can help stabilize the condition of patients with sudden illnesses and prevent sudden deaths, and prolong the time of supporting life, which wins valuable time for rescue.

In addition to household use, medical first aid kits are also provided in outdoor, car, hospital, and factory settings, which play a role in providing first aid supplies and medicines and seeking medical treatment as soon as possible. In summary, small first aid kits in bulk can deal with some emergency situations in case of sudden emergencies or self-help or mutual aid. Although it cannot prevent accidents from happening, it can reduce the harm caused by accidents.

What are the precautions for using medical first aid kits?

Every family should prepare a medical first aid kit, and can match the items in the medical first aid kit according to the medical history of family members. When using the medical first aid kit, pay attention to the following:

  • All items in the medical first aid kit must be fixed in place, arranged neatly, and marked clearly. If conditions permit, marking can be done.

  • The medical first aid kit should be checked regularly (every 3 months or half a year) to determine whether all items are packaged intact, whether they have expired, and replaced in a timely manner according to needs.

  • After using the medicines in the medical first aid kit, the consumed items should be replenished in time for use in the next first aid.

  • The medical first aid kit should be placed in a conspicuous position, and it should be determined that it can be quickly taken out when needed. Therefore, the medical first aid kit is generally not required to be locked.

  • When using drugs in the medical first aid kit for first aid, be sure to distinguish the drugs and dosage used, and strictly follow the instructions to avoid misuse.

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