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Usage Precautions of Elastic Bandages and Differences from Anti-thrombosis Stockings

We all know that anti-thrombotic stockings can prevent deep vein thrombosis, and in the previous issue we also learned about the related precautions for use. It is said that elastic bandages can also prevent blood clots, so what are the differences between the two?

Differences between elastic bandages and anti-thrombotic stockings

Anti-thrombotic principle: Both elastic bandages and compression stockings increase the reflux of the veins and lymph in the limbs, increase the return flow of deep veins, eliminate or alleviate lower limb edema, and reduce thrombus formation, thereby preventing deep vein thrombosis.

Similarities and differences: Elastic bandages have the advantages of being able to be shaped at will, conveniently adjusted, easy to use, inexpensive, and comfortable for patients. Compared to elastic bandages, anti-thrombotic stockings may have disadvantages such as poor fitting, difficult to put on and take off, and difficult skin care.

Precautions for using elastic bandages

Although elastic bandages have many advantages, their bandaging method often requires professional personnel to operate or under the guidance of professional personnel, otherwise it may backfire. So, what else should be noted when using elastic bandage tape?

The width and tightness should be appropriate, and the tightness should be able to accommodate a finger in the wrapped circle. Before bandaging, veins should be emptied. Therefore, it is best to bandage before getting up in the morning, and the legs should be raised before bandaging to empty the veins. When bandaging, start from the distal end of the limb and gradually wrap it in a snake-like shape toward the proximal end. After bandaging, it must be flat and wrinkle-free, especially at the knee joint. Otherwise, the bandage is prone to wrinkle and compress the popliteal fossa, which has the opposite effect of acting like a "tourniquet" to block venous reflux.

After bandaging, pay attention to observe the skin color and swelling of the limb to judge the effect. If there are symptoms such as purple or black skin color, decreased skin temperature, swelling, numbness, etc., please contact a doctor in time for relaxation treatment. Patients with deep vein thrombosis must use elastic bandages for at least three months during the restricted activity period, or even lifelong use, to protect the function of superficial venous and communication venous valves, and reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Elastic bandaging method

Starting from the plantar, gradually wrap up to the desired height. During the bandaging process, the adjacent two layers of elastic bandages should overlap about two-thirds, otherwise it will not be easy to level after bandaging. After using the elastic bandage, pay attention to avoid washing with hot water, and do not use detergent-like items, just rinse with water.

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